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Visual Storyteller

Freelance [rotate_words titles=”still, active,”]

I decide to put all my set of skills together and see where the roads will lead’s me, working with almost anything in the Visual making & Creation. But am in love with what i do.


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Web Developer

Freelance [rotate_words titles=”still, active,”]

Working as a Web Developer has it’s Pros and Cons  I create usable web interfaces, front end coding stuff and almost anything. sometimes drove me crazy but i am fine with it and i love that.


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You can download my CV in pdf format if you like.

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You can view my Behance profile.

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[section_title icon=”icon-brush” text=”VIDEO & MOTION GRAPHICS SKILLS”]

[progress_bar first_bar=”yes” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE PREMIERE PRO” percent=”95″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”TRAPCODE” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”CINEMA 4D” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Element 3D” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”FINAL CUT PRO” percent=”95″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”yes” text=”DaVinci RESOLVE” percent=”90″]

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[progress_bar first_bar=”yes” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE PHOTOSHOP” percent=”98″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE LIGHTROOM” percent=”95″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE XD” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”yes” text=”ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR” percent=”95″]

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[progress_bar first_bar=”yes” last_bar=”” text=”HTML5″ percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”PHP” percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”CSS3″ percent=”50″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”jQuery” percent=”70″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”React” percent=”89″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Python” percent=”95″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”ADOBE DREAMWEAVER” percent=”98″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”BRACKETS” percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”yes” text=”Wordpress” percent=”100″]





[section_title text=”RECENT FUN FACTS”]


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[fun_fact icon=”icon-instagram-1″ text=”35000 SHOTS CAPTURED”]


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[fun_fact icon=”icon-jabber” text=”87 PROJECTS COMPLETED”]


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[fun_fact icon=”icon-child” text=”44 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS”]


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[fun_fact icon=”fa-terminal” text=”1088 ROOT ACCESS GRANTED”]